Quality Hand Made Parts

I have completed two hydroplanes built completely of scrap wood over the last several weeks. The first is the Mini Max. It is 4' wide by 8' long. I foam filled the entire boat then decided it is to small for me at 6 06 and 230 lbs.

The second boat is the mini most, a true classic hydroplane. I found the plans scaled up 25% on  www.muskokaseaflea.ca/  (A very cool site with free plans).

Above is another Minimost I built, this time to original plans at 8' long. It goes 30 MPH with my 235 lbs and 40 lbs of gear in it.

I did not post pictures of the building since the above web site had great pictures of the boats being built.

The plans can be downloaded for free at www.svensons.com/boat/


We no longer sell any boat parts. Photos left online for your viewing.